The opportunity for an improved working environment in open office landscapes is around the corner

Never before has workplace development been a more important leadership issue than now. The rapid digitization challenges companies and organizations at all levels.

Both business and the organization will become more digital, innovative, sustainable and fast-paced. While employers rarely expect to see results from both employees and giants, tomorrow’s talents have completely new demands on the employee experience.

What strategy does your company have for becoming tomorrow’s new thinking and therefore most attractive workplace? What do you need to do and how do you get there?

Above is scissored from the invitation to WorkSpace Sweden, the Forum for Tomorrow’s Workplace, which will be held April 11-12 in the Victoria Hall at the Stockholm Fair.

At WorkSpace Sweden 2019 you will network, acquire new knowledge and discuss the solutions for the future. During two energy-filled days, we explore how tomorrow’s workplace becomes a talent magnet and a business-critical tool to meet the challenges no organization can face.

You will find out everything about the offices of the future, digitized workplaces, new ways of working and much more. At WorkSpace Sweden, some of the wisest and most inspirational speakers are engaged. It is important to be one step ahead.

Mount Design together with a number of suppliers, also with the foot in the future show their products. Kom förbi och titta på vår lösning till en attraktivare arbetsplats!

Here you can read more about and book the event.

You can also warm up with the tips and tricks for a more harmonious working environment that Mount Design has developed in collaboration with the architect and office strategist Sven Ostner.