Everest large

The coffee mug organizer

Everest large


Everest Large is a wall-mounted piece of furniture that stores 199 coffee mugs and cups, in an eye-catching, cleverly designed way. It comes delivered in the color of your choice.

The piece in the picture is our first one. It has been in use for three years and is still going strong. It is in perfect condition thanks to it being water-repellant. The ideal size mug for this is 30 cl. Everest Large is delivered in two pieces, on a single pallet that is well-protected. Allow eight weeks for delivery within Europe.

Everest large is for 199 cups and is ø 1700mm and 134mm deep. Also available in size for 12 and 55 cups. Made in pine and MDF.

Design Patrick Karlsson.


Mount Design

Karlavägen 16

S – 114 34 Stockholm

+46 (8) 120 577 50