Using offices surface efficiently is right in time from both an economic and environmental perspective, but the open shared office space also offers many challenges.

Ulrik Clemens von Döbeln managing director at Mount Design tells us why he believes so strongly in HILO!

“My reflections on a Monday in March

I think the most meaningful thing you can do is work with a product that makes a real difference to the end user. To call, email and show such a product is pure pleasure!

When Alexander Pärleros in Breaking News with Jessica Almenäs was asked if all 200 successful people in his podcast have anything in common, Alexander responded in the style of – “Win-win, they give everyone as much as they take.” It’s etched itself. I am fortunate to devote myself to a business with idel winners. Those who borrowed me their two ears.

Now, of course, the truth is that no product is alone saliggörande and that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Sweden has world-leading expertise in the field of office development. Producers and consultants who in symbiosis ensure the best possible results for the customer. Future harmonious and effective workplaces will be the result of many insights and wise decisions.

Where are those insights to download for an entrepreneur?”

On April 11-12, one of the most important events of the year is taking place for companies at stockholmsmässan. WorkSpace Sweden – The Forum for tomorrow’s workplace with customers and the overall industry expertise in place. Mount Design is there showing off HILO.

In collaboration with architect and office strategist Sven Ostner, Mount Design has written a guide to inspiring and spreading knowledge about the challenges of open office landscapes, as well as providing an overall view of how we need to step back and start from human basic needs when we develop our workplaces. The guide is based on Ostner’s conclusions after studying more than 200 research reports.

The guide is aimed at those who work with comfort and efficiency in the workplace. It is supposed to give you as a modern knowledge worker a support in designing your workplace for the better.

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